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Have high expectations? So do we, and its what we are all about.

We are a full service web design and interactive marketing agency built from the ground up. We are driven by our passion and expertise to help businesses achieve the growth and ROI they expect and deserve.

Jason Cevera

As our creative director and lead designer, Jason Cevera is the pinnacle of great taste and a killer work ethic. With a fine arts degree from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA Jason has been making moves and taking names long before the inception of halfGenius. He took his very first web design class in 2001 and became an instant web enthusiast. He soon realized that websites would some day be a necessity for all successful businesses. He also realized that this rapidly growing industry would continue to constantly evolve,with new programming languages emerging and an explosion of amazing possibilities on the web.

Rachel Luber

With 5 years of experience working with small and medium businesses all the way up to industry giants, Rachel is our sales and marketing ninja. She is what differentiates halfGenius from our competitors. Always having our clients ROI in the forefront of her mind, she takes our design to the next level by coupling it with the goal of engagement and conversion. Don't let her intoxicating laugh fool you, she is a whip cracker and will keep your project in line from conception to launch.


Our clients satisfaction is how we measure our success. We treat each and every client we work with as part of our team. Every step of the way from development to design, our goal is to reflect our clients individuality and personality every step of the way. Making your website truly, your website.

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What We DO…

* Web Design

* Graphic Design

* Web Marketing

* Mobile Development

* Logo design & Corporate Identity



If average, run of the mill, or cookie cutter describes the kind of website or image you are looking for we are not the team for you. The principals that make a business WIN are its differentiators from the competition.

At halfGenius, we pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses distinguish those differentiators and convey that image through each vertical of your brand.


A successful website requires much more than pretty pictures and a slick design. It also requires great content, Search Engine Optimization, built in web marketing tools and more.


Need to be more visible to search engines? Is your website good looking, but getting no visitors? Does your brand have a reputable web presence? Are your competitors beating you in search engine ranking even with subpar websites?

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